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Amphora Instructions

Step 1 - Pour 1 nutrient vial into empty planter.

Step 2 - Place net cup into mouth of planter.

Step 3 - Fill planter with water so that half of the net cup is submerged.

 Step 4 - Take 1 rockwool plug and soak it completely through with water.

Step 5 - Add 5-6 seeds into the top dimple of the wet rockwool plug.

Step 6 - Genty push seeded rockwool to the bottom of the net cup.


Place Amphora on a sunny windowsill or set under a grow light with a wall outlet timer.

Step 7 - Harvest and replant.

After 5-6 weeks in full sunlight, you should have a fully grown herb plant and the water level in your planter will be low. Depending on conditions, you might have 1-2 weeks to pick your plant before the water runs out.



Seeds not germinating

Make sure that the plug is completely soaked and that you are getting ample sunlight on your planter. If you are still experiencing problems, contact Cloud Farms for a new seed kit.

Plug dries out before roots reach the water

Sometimes in a particularly dry environment, you will experience an accelerated rate of evaporation. If this happens, simply wet the grow medium periodically during the first couple of weeks until you see that you have roots extending into the water.

Plants take longer than 5-6 weeks to mature

This is almost always a problem of having enough light. Your herbs want a minimum of 6 hours of direct sun. Any less and you may have a smaller plant or it may take longer to mature. A good South facing window usually does the job for homes in the Northern Hemisphere.


Can I use my own seeds?

Yes. You definitely can use your own seeds and we actually encourage it! While we offer a limited number of seed kits, that doesn't mean that other plants don't work. We just know that the seeds we do offer are certain to germinate and grow well with Amphora. We have actually found that any variety of Basil or Mint will do very well. The nutrients that we include are general purpose, and we actually use the same exact nutrient in all of our seed kits.

Can I refill the planter instead of picking it?

Yes. If you have a fully grown plant and would rather pick at it a little at a time rather than harvesting the whole plant, you can definitely add a nutrient vial and refill the planter almost completely. This should give you another 3-4 weeks with the fully grown plant. To check how much water is left, just pick up the planter and give it a little shake. Of course more attention is required as you will no longer be able to look at the plant size as an indication of water level. 

Does it need light?

Yes. Unfortunately you will always need some kind of light to grow your plants, whether it be sunlight or artificial light. If you don't have a good sunny windowsill, you can always use a light bulb specific for growing. You can even use a standard screw base 5000k fluorescent bulb in a task lamp with a wall outlet timer. If you are interested in this option, we would recommend doing a little research into how to set up a grow light.

Can I use other kinds of nutrient or growing material?

Yes. Our seed kits are intended to simplify hydroponic growing to make an easy plug and play experience at a price that is comparable to purchasing fresh herbs. If you would rather source your own nutrient in bulk, that can definitely work just as well.