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Set it and forget it.

Amphora is a hydroponic growing vessel for herbs and other small greens. In this soil-less vessel, plant roots grow directly into a nutrient rich water. Fill it up once, set it on a sunny windowsill, and come back to harvest in 5-6 weeks.

Fresh herbs - all year.

Nothing compares to the freshness of herbs grown right at home, and Amphora makes it easier than ever to grow them. Not to mention they are free from any chemicals that may be used on conventionally grown crops.


Cast ceramic stoneware and glazed high gloss white or black. More than a piece of gardening tech, it is a designed object that you will enjoy having in your home.


Graphic instructions included.

Every Amphora comes with a complimentary Basil seed kit for growing 5 plants. We also offer a variety of seed kits separately. Additional seed kits come with graphic instructions and enough material to grow 8 plants.

Additional kits include: 50-60 seeds, 8 single-shot plant nutrient capsules, and 8 pieces of soil-less growing medium.