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Set it and forget it.

Amphora is a hydroponic growing vessel for herbs and other small greens. In this soil-less vessel, plant roots grow directly into a nutrient rich water. Fill it up once, set it on a sunny windowsill, and come back to harvest in 5-6 weeks.

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Why grow food?

Freshness and NutritionIt can take days for plants to get all the way from farm to store to your refrigerator, and they sure aren't getting any fresher. Food grown at home tastes better and has more nutritional value because you use it immediately after picking. 

Free from pesticides: Conventional agriculture uses a lot of chemicals to control pests and weeds, meaning small amounts of pesticides are ending up in your food. Growing even a little of your own is just another step towards living healthier.

Personal Well-being: Those of us that don't have space or time for gardening can still enjoy the benefits of sharing space with living plants. There is something special about watching your plants go from seed to food - and they'll even clean your air while doing it.

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